Welcome To Brightek Group

Its been almost 15 Years of dedicated service which has earned trust and reputation to us in this field. A team of professional experts joined hands to form Brightek Group with the sole aim to export high quality fitness gear under the banner of Brightek Group. Our products were advertised throughout the world by the help of catalogues, Trade Shows and personal visits to different countries of the world.

Brightek Group is striving by virtue of constant dedicated efforts, devotion to duty and maintenance of quality control to meet Market trends & Developments .This quality management system is properly implemented and is being successfully executed at all production stages. This is indeed a result of constant professional and Motivated team effort undertaken by Brightek Group’s most responsible, professional and dedicated staff members.

Its always been our endeavor to maintain a high standard of production, quality control and customer satisfaction.

Now its almost 15 years of experience, research, development and testing to bring our product to international market that is Professional, innovative and well balanced.

Inspired by the martial arts sports, we started our own Brand Abigar Martial Arts Fitness which is being Distributed in Australian Clubs,School & Acedemies and all around the World.

Special attention to our fabric dying process and strict Quality Control Management is evident in all our products.

We support continued development and improvement of our products to ensure all aspects of our customers requirement.

We welcome our customers feedback in our efforts to reach these goals & attain Customer Loyalty.

Brightek Group